About Us

Established in 1986, Brysani Corporation is a company dedicated to high quality services. Offering services to small and medium sized businesses. Brysani Corporation has the experience needed to help you manage your business.


Our experience tells us that companies need far more than data entry. Companies come to us and ask us to advise them on managing their business in today’s volatile environment. That requires a Total Accounting Solution designed to meet the specific needs of each company who works with our accounting team.


Our approach to your accounting needs places you squarely in the center of our action. We work with you to develop or clarify your company’s financial goals. Then we give you the tools and professional advice to help you achieve them.


We analyze your daily transactions and make sure each is properly categorized and classed so that you can take advantage of every tax break. The more our Accounting Team learns about your business, the better job we can do to help you save money and time