Managing your finances doesn’t need to be such a production. Consider outsourcing your CFO, Controller and Bookkeeping departments: 


accountingOur firm serves as Chief Financial Officer, controller, and bookkeeping department for small and medium size businesses, high net worth individuals, families, and their companies, handling any and all ongoing business management needs — from structuring accounting and record-keeping functions to generating financial statements and a myriad of other financial management and support services. Among many other offered services we will:


  • Prepare payroll and maintain all books and records
  • Place and monitor investments with highly reputable money managers
  • Help establish key banking and financial relationships
  • Interface with clients’ staff and personnel, and clients’ other professionals
  • Structure business acquisitions and assist in business negotiations
  • Place and monitor all insurance needs with reputable professionals


What are the benefits of outsourcing?

  • No more HR issues (compensation, benefits, performance, absenteeism, possible fraud, etc., etc.)
  • Lower costs. Our services generally cost about 50% of what a full time, full charge bookkeeper costs
  • GREATLY reduced hassles in all of the functions relating to handling of payroll, bank reconciliations, general ledger maintenance, and TIMELY and accurate financial reporting
  • Gone are the days of daily transactional duties performed by a bookkeeper, possibly monthly oversight by a CPA, and financial reports delivered three weeks (at best) after month end


Brysani performs the bank reconciliation, records depreciation, makes accruals and other “general journal” entries and your books and financial statements are ready to go.